Top10 Strongest FullMetal Alchemis Characters - TOP

Anime TOP 10 Top10 Strongest FullMetal Alchemist Characters - TOP



Gluttony is the supporting antagonist in both the manga and Anime.He is the fourth homunculus created by Father.He is a little bit uncontrollably,he tries to eat everything he likes,his personality is little bit childish.His name defines his ability he can never satisfy his hunger but he is good fighter and deadly ferocious Homunculus who has gulped many warriors and even ate Elric and Envy.
Thus earning him the rank 10.

FullMetal Alchemist Envy

Envy is the major antagonist fictional character of the anime and manga.He has a sadistic personality and loves to torture human.He is a cold blooded killer and loves to fight and kill.Envy’s humanoid form is not his real one though,His true form looks like a gigantic, green reptilian monster with eight limbs, much like the Basilisk, and human-like features like his teeth and nose.

FullMetal Alchemist Scar

Scar is the Protagonist in the anime and series,He is a nameless serial killer who targets State Alchemist for his revenge over his men and family that died in Ishvalan war.He is warrior of Ishbal who has quite good skills in hand combat. Scar’s most dangerous element is his right arm, which is able to destroy anything with which it comes into contact by way of the intricate and arcane Transmutation Array tattooed.He was able to defeat injured wrath.and he even killed 10 state Alchemist.
Thus earning him the 8th rank in the List

7.Alphonse Elric

FullMetal Alchemist Alphonse Elric

Alphonse is one of the major protagonist in both the anime and manga.Al is also the victim of the failed human transmutation where he lost his whole body.Alphonse exists solely as a soul alchemically bound to a large suit of steel armor. Al is a very good hand to hand combat and a martial art pratitioners.Like his brother, Alphonse also wields a genius-level intellect and prodigious proficiency in the studies of biology, chemistry and alchemy just like his brother
This earning him the 7th rank in the list.

6.Van Hohenheim
FullMetal Alchemist Van Hohenheim

Van Hohenheim Is the supporting character in both the series and manga.He is the ancient alchemist and a powerful one too.He has sinister alchemy power as he spend most of his life time researching in mysterious alchemy.He is a human Philosopher stone so he has the same strength as the homunculus or may be stronger than some.Hohenheim is not only capable of performing transmutations without the use of a Transmutation Circle, but can also transmute without moving his body at all and can even perform biological transmutations and circumvent the law of Equivalent Exchange with ease.

FullMetal Alchemist Pride

Pride is a antagonist in both the anime and manga,He is one of the powerful Homunculus.He is the first ecreated homunculus by father,he has appreance of a kid.but he is most deadly of all.He is one of the highest rank homunculus.Other than his homunculi power,Pride’s abilities lie within his shadow, which resembles the original flask-contained form of Father although much larger and more formidable with multiple slitted eyes and sharp toothed mouths. The shadow can take on a variety of shapes, from sharp spikes to tendril-like hands.
Thus earning him the 5th rank in the list.

FullMetal Alchemist Wrath

Wrath is a major antagonist in both the anime and manga.He is created by Father.He is also the Fuhrer King.He has a calm personality than rest of the Homunculus.He is one of the unique Hominculus,he is human based homunculus,who has the ability to age like humans.Wrath’s unique creation has resulted in the fact that the Philosopher’s Stone which makes him inhuman is comprised of only one soul – his augmented physical abilities such as his remarkably high strength, speed, and agility are all his own, rather than being a product of the stone.He is a swordsman specialist and has the ability to predict almost every lethal attacks.

3.Edward Elric
FullMetal Alchemist Edward Elric

Edward is the prime protagonist in both the anime and manga.He is the youngest Elite alchemist in the Nation of Wer .He has complicated personality and always is obsessed with his height.He can perform alchemy without mutation circle as he performed the taboo of human mutation in his childhood.He alchemy is not just powerful they are very effective in the battles.He is one of the powerful and hardworking characters of the series
Thus earning him the 3rd position in the List

2.Roy Mustang
FullMetal Alchemist Roy Mustang

Roy is the major protagonist in both the anime and manga series.He has a very unique form of alchemy”the fire alchemy”His alchemy powers are very powerful and aggressive.He was the hero of Ishval civil war.He killed “lust” with his powerful fire technique,He is the most badass and one of the powerful characters of the series.
He has an Immense sense of justice and is willing to take any step for the betterment of Armetis.
His only disadvantage is he cannot use his power when it’s raining.


Father is the main antagonist in the both anime and manga series.Father was the first Homunculus with no form,the dwarf in the flask.He was unable to do alchemy or reach his potential with the flask form,later he got a body by sacrificing every soul in the Xeres by crafting the first Philosopher stone, with the help of Van Hohenheim.
He used the the stones to make more Homunculus.He is one of the most powerful and fearsome character in the series.He is cold and a deadly killer.He has murdered more than thousand souls to achieve his ultimate goal.He has extreme level of Alchemy power which gives a lot of strength to defeat anyone.

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